Some people see a problem and say, “why can’t things be better?” A leader says, “How can we fix this problem and ensure it never returns?” When you look at the projects and testimonials on GivHOPE Africa’s site, you see what kind of leader Helene Pieume is. She has created an organization that of course meets people needs but then provides the means, tools, and skills to empower them to reach their highest potential. GivHOPE truly embodies the ancient Chinese proverb, “give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.” Moreover, GivHOPE Africa takes an “asset-based” instead of a “deficit-based” approach to the community it serves. It asks not how can we fix you, but “how can we help create the conditions where your natural talents, abilities, and drive can take you to where you want to go?” That is a profound view, which is based on the inherent worth and dignity of each human being. The work of Helene and GivHOPE Africa has inspired me to begin volunteering and fund-raising for an aid project in my own community. Thank you, Helene, for being a hero and role model!

Kurt Nemes, Feed the People Aid Exec. Coordinator

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE BENEFICENT, THE MERCIFUL MASJID ASH SHURA 3095 JONESBORO ROAD ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30354 PHONE 404-422-6272 WWW.MASJIDASH-SHURA.ORG May 16, 2021 As Salaamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You) Mr. Thierry Armel Konguep North America Director GivHOPE Africa, Inc I hope this letter finds you in the grace and mercy of Allahswt. On behalf of our leader and founder of Masjid Ash Shura Amir Faheed Ali Muwwakkil we want to thank you for your generosity of sponsoring portions of our celebration of the world-wide Eid Al-Fitr. Eid Al -Fitr is the celebration of Muslims all around the world completing the 29-30 day fast of Ramadan. Masjid Ash Shura is the first Masjid/Mosque built up from the ground by native African American Muslims in the State of Georgia and home of Salaam Memorial Cemetery Atlanta’s first and only Islamic Cemetery. With your donations we were able to feed the believers of Masjid Ash Shura as well as believers and others on this joyous occasion. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Once again we appreciate your contributions and generosity may Allah (God) reward you for your efforts here in America and abroad in Africa.

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيم

s. Hélène Pieume GivHOPE Africa March 17th 2021 Dear Hélène, Thank you for your donation of snack items to the DC Dream Center (DC|DC) on March 6th, 2021. Your support is appreciated and will help us continue to support our families during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure that the DC|DC was a blessing to those in need. The DC|DC operates solely on donations from individuals and corporations. The DC Dream Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 46-3532483. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous donation. Thank you again for your contribution and for helping us to be a place that serves the community in these challenging times! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Blessings to you, Ernest Clover Executive Director

Ernest Clover Executive Director

2015-2016 Année de ma rencontre avec la Présidente de GivHOPE Africa tout a commencé au mois de cette année-là. J’ai fait la connaissance de Madame la Présidente de GivHOPE Africa communément appelée (mémé) nom que je lui ai personnellement donné. 2016-2019, ayant arrêté personnellement les études à cause de ma mauvaise conduite, je suis rentré dans la rue puisque pour moi, il fallait à tous prix avoir de l’argent ou à défaut un travail où je serai mieux rémunéré. Mémé et toute son équipe nous encouragèrent (mes compagnons et moi) en nous présentant premièrement le Seigneur, Jésus, que moi plus tard j’ai accepté la réinsertion sociale et familiale grâce à des multiples prières et conseils de GivHOPE Africa, je retournais à l’école où deux ans après j’eus Le Concours de la Police. Présentement où j’écris ces quelques lignes de témoignage de ce que Le Seigneur visiblement par GivHOPE Africa a fait pour moi, je suis sous le drapeau tricolore. Merci Seigneur, Merci GivHOPE

I am Merra Rutha Sakwe I am grateful to GivHOPE Africa for rescuing me from sickness due to extreme poverty. When we met, the Coordinator gave me small grant to start selling sandals. Some few months after, she looked for pre-employment training in Infography for me. I have been working there since 2019 Professionally and socially I am a different person in thesense that I have learned how to print and now can make T-Shirts, macarons, tea-cups umbrellas, banners etc and my interactions with people, the stress of staying home too much when I was jobless have tremendously reduced. I am alsoa computer literate, skills I did not have before.

Merra Rutha Sakwe

Reasons Why I will Like to work with GivHOPE Organization Firstly, I really appreciate what GivHOPE does, changing lives, giving individuals a reason to smile, helping and influencing lives positively. It is one of my desire to help the needy and hopeless so I can achieve this. Secondly, to increase my employable skills like accounting, research, teamwork, punctuality and leadership qualities to gain more experience. Thirdly, working with GivHOPE paves room for a future investment in myself which will tend to contribute and help me a lots. Fourthly, it gives me a chance to know and interact with influential people from different backgrounds with same goals. Lastly, working with GivHOPE will help me to understand the society for contributions for a better tomorrow.

Ngala Sandra Mangwang

As Community Resource Centre for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged (CRCDD) Coordinator, I have known Madam Helene Pieume since 2002, as Communication and Information Officer at the World Bank Group, Cameroon Country Office. When she retired and created GivHOPE Africa with mission to lead this NGO and facilitate direct interactions with many other organizations dealing with vulnerable persons, CRCDD was chosen as one of its main partners for coordinating activities of common interest. GivHOPE Africa provided in-kind donations to IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) girls and women and grants for income generating activities, advocacy, awareness and personal development through knowledge sharing, capacity building, empowerment and resource mobilization to CRCDD. CRCDD and GivHOPE Africa are both committed, inter-alia, to improving the living conditions of physically disabled and disadvantaged persons by making them self reliant and by boosting their esteem at family and community levels. Our cooperation has made a huge difference in the lives of IDPs who benefited from GivHOPE Africa help. Our working relationship has been very fruitful, and I personally recommend GivHOPE Africa to any national or international organizations willing to do the same in order to reduce extreme poverty among the vulnerable ones so that they can fully feel integrated in the society.

Florence Limen, CRCDD Coordinator, Bamenda

My name is Jacques Dime, and I am a 28 years old student currently in my junior year for Mosaic & Embroidery at the National Center for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities founded by Cardinal Paul Emile LEGER of Etoug-Ebe. I was born with severe psychomotor and mental retardation with a rate of 80% of disability. My father abandoned me as soon as he saw my condition, thus my mother found herself alone with 3 children without the proper means and resources to be able to adequately take care of us. Nonetheless, she continued to meet our needs as best as she could until death tragically struck her when I was only 10 year’s old. Now living as orphaned and abandoned children, my little brothers and I wandered here and there surviving only by the strength of our will, the sharpness of our wit and the providence of kind souls from time to time. Today, despite my physical and mental conditions, I refuse to believe that I am a person incapable of doing things that honor my passions, my goals, and my country, all without the need to be a beggar on the streets. I am excited to proclaim that next year, I will graduate from my program at the end of my training. In the meantime, I got closer to the non-profit organization, GivHOPE, which supports me and allows me to have funds for numerous income-generating activities and have a roof over my head. The sale of my art objects – keychains, necklaces, slippers and other gadgets – allow me to buy my school supplies and ensure my transportation. The advice I can give to young people, who may be in the same condition that I am in, is to never despair and never lose hope. Despite the cards that you may have been dealt, you must still take charge of your own life and remain relentless in your belief of yourself and your faith in God. Nothing is impossible to those who believe and I am a shining testimony of this. I will continue to prove to the world that my will to survive – to live – is more powerful than any disability or tragedy.

Jacques Dime