GivHOPE Africa Supports Single Nursing Girls’ Needs

GivHOPE AfricaSupports Single Nursing Girls’ Needs: Nutrition, Health and Shelters

These programs and services are geared toward helping single nursing girls, particularly those who are very poor and vulnerable with no income levels, make ends meet.

Currently, Cameroonian women have roughly 493,000 unintended pregnancies annually, of which approximately 318,000 end in unplanned births (Ref. Guttmacher Institute, 2020). Many girls of reproductive age are part of this number.

GivHOPE support falls within its framework of social inclusion of its members regardless of their social status, especially the very poor and orphan girls. This component covers health, shelter for that in need and food banks typically consisted of meal assistance to help them stock up on healthy eats and also cares for their babies’ food, health and clothing.

Poverty rate among the youth, especially in mono parental homes during the coronavirus pandemic and the endless Northwest and Southwest socio-political crises in Cameroon rose beyond expectations. Single parents left with almost nothing to raise their children and many of them found themselves isolated and left to their fate. Girl children in such homes easily get caught by unwanted pregnancies. In 2020 GivHOPE Africa rescued a dozen single nursing girls entangled for months in many hospitals with their babies for unpaid bills and related delivery expenditures around the country.

There was one case that drew GivHOPE attention: a single nursing orphan mom with girl triplets born in October 2020. Kimura Loriva is her name. Her triplets are now 20 months old and since their birth, GivHOPE has been their caregiver and caretaker in all counts. She lives in a slum with her triplets. These pathetical living conditions prompted GivHOPE to promise her an acceptable home. Promise done, promise fulfilled by the laying of the first construction stone for a 3- bedroom house on February 11, 2022 and the construction works were ongoing normally until the Ukraine war broke out and stopped the works because of the scarcity and price increase of building materials in the country. 

We are reaching out to all souls of goodwill to help us purchase the rest of the building materials such as sheet metals, ceiling materials, paint, floor tiling and furniture to enable Kimura and her toddlers to move in.

GivHOPE also complements and enhances the support to Kimura through various activities such as income generating activities and farming. She has one hectare of GivHOPE-financed micro agricultural plantation of maize, bean and groundnut that she has cultivated and harvesting these crops by July will help her feed herself and her triplets and gradually empower her in order to take her destiny into her own hands and not expect too much from GivHOPE.

Meanwhile GivHOPE continues to care for her and her triplets while at the same time oversees her construction and agricultural activities.

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