Bello, from the Street to Self-employed: A Success Story

Looking back in early 2019, Bello (2nd right) was a street child who has been on the street for 9 years far away from his native Ngaoundéré hometown. 

Cameroon youth in general and street children in particular, have been the most affected by the negative effects of the corona virus. Vulnerable youths looking for a decent job or to be self-employed face serious challenges, and this is a serious cause of concerns for the government and parents. The country’s effort to steer the economics’ situation coupled with the political crisis makes it difficult for jobs and labor market to keep up delivering on this kind of socioeconomic environment. Cameroon youth, mostly the vulnerable ones need multifaceted support both in skills development and financial resources to better face these socioeconomic development challenges and post covid-19 resilience. 

GivHOPE Africa is privileged to make of its core work the empowerment of the youth through entrepreneurship and capacity building in order to significantly reduce their dependency on their families and the labor market. GivHOPE Africa strives to make sure its young members enter the business market by granting them grants/loans for small businesses after they have been trained in entrepreneurial skills. It also encourages youth vulnerable groups, especially those with no skills to go to vocational training centers or into apprenticeship. Please Donate here for more outcomes.

After Bello’s rehabilitation and return to his hometown, GivHOPE helped him through its Accompanied Mechanisms Portfolio Component to really turn his life around and stand on his feet. He continues to receive financial assistance, the most recent one being to purchase a new public transportation motorbike worth 350.000 Cameroonian francs (US$ equivalent 700).

Before the covid-19 breakout followed by the lockdown, Bello was a trailer driver on the Yaoundé-Ndjamena-Bangui corridor and since then, he was working for a neighbor. With his new acquisition, not only he will be able to support his family but also his mother and siblings.

Bello’s story is like a fairy tale. This teenage boy found himself on the street when he was only 11 years old. In early 2019, he has just turned 20 and during our normal routine street hunt for new street children at one of the busiest parks in downtown Yaoundé, our team saw a young man sleeping under a tree. He was so weak that he could hardly work. GivHOPE journalist tried to dig into his life and find out how he ended up on the street in Yaoundé: “I came from Ngaoundéré because friends told me that Yaoundé was a paradise. But I found out to my shock that street life in Yaoundé is the opposite of what I was told then he added: “My wish is to return home; please help me go back to my family”.

His wish triggered our action to help him fulfill his dream and our happy adventure started from there on till today. Under our multiform help, Bello got married, learned how to sew traditional outfits and how to drive trailers. Bello’s case is among our many success stories since GivHOPE Africa went operational six years ago. It is also an example for many vulnerable youth who are willing to quit the street and start a new life.

Always believe that hope is possible and it’s never too late to change! 

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