Ex-street Child, Martin is a Father of a Newborn Bouncing Baby

Street Children Home Returns/Reinsertions have been a great success but lack resources: GivHOPE Africa needs your help.

In 2015, Martin was a street child when GivHOPE Africa met him with a group of other young boys, girls and families, including infants. GivHOPE started their counseling in group and on one on one basis coupled with home visits. Their rehabilitation process began with four programs: The mentorship, tutoring, capacity building and income generating activities/Job placement programs.

Martin went back to the university under GivHOPE financing and after he found a job through GivHOPE Placement Program, he could work and support himself and his parents while pursuing his studies at the University of Yaoundé1.  In 2018 he was admitted and graduated from the Advanced Police Training Center in Mutenguene, the South West Region of Cameroon.

 “I met my destiny changer six years ago and this was the turning point of my life. You showed me friendship and gave me love I missed for the past 25 years. Your Association gave all that I needed in my family, in my life and on the street: Abandoned and street child I am no more. Financially I am independent because today I am a civil servant. I am married and father of a newborn baby girl. What really touches my heart so deeply during these six years up to now, is your unconditional and continuous follow-up and love (collectively and individually).  I wouldn’t have made it alone without your multiform support. YES, GivHOPE made of me what I am today! Thank you”.

The real story about street life phenomenon must remind families, parents and communities of their responsibilities and the crucial role they play in the education of their offspring.  But the issue of extreme poverty affecting some of them is also very present leaving parents with little control over their children and sometimes even pushes them to send these children as beggars to fend for the family.

“Without the socioeconomic reinsertion and continuous follow-up, there can be no real personal development for these ex-street children and their families. There can be no hope and the probability for them to return to the street is higher than expected and their conditions even worse than before.” Hélène Pieume said.

With the covid-19 persistence in Cameroon, GivHOPE Africa finds it difficult to continue this important Component of its portfolio due to the lack of resources. Before the pandemic, GivHOPE withdrew and rehabilitated 134 street children and 100 have returned home or put on self-employment.

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