Addressing Street Life Phenomenon in Cameroon

GivHOPE Founder was the host of NB1 FM 93.8 RADIO on “Droits et libertes” and Humanitarian TV  on “L’INVITE H”  programs anchored respectively by Jean Paul MBIA and Cedrick JIONGO. As a matter of fact, on both stages, we  addressed the shameful phenomenon of street children and its impact hashtag#capabilitydevelopment on the population and the children themselves,  discussing mainly  the why, where and how this category of Cameroonians end their lives on the street. We also exchanged views on issues such as children rights protection as per the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR of 1948), juvenile delinquency and street children phenomenon in Africa, using Cameroon as an example. We furthermore addressed the issue of who’s responsible and the crucial neglect of this cause by many local institutions, including the ministerial departments in charge of the youths and families, the cleaning of obsolete laws that govern this matter and the responsibilities of everyone.  We also seize this circumstance to present hashtag#impact to our audience some outlines of sustainable solutions: We respond to the pitiful plight of street children with a multi-faceted approach such as mentoring/tutoring on one-on-one basis or group programs, support and care for their rehabilitation and reinsertion into their families and assist them to overcome their vulnerability through capacity building and funds for income generating activities or vocational training for those do not want to carry out private activities. GivHOPE way builds up individual responsibility that gives these vulnerable youths the commitment to walk through adulthood with a sense of pride and achievement. We also search for key individuals, networks, groups and institutions that GivHOPE outreach program can engage with and establish effective partnerships. We make sure that all programs and projects prepared by GivHOPE follow participatory consultative approaches, through workshops, seminars and beneficiary assessments.

We must extend our heartfelt thanks to the General Managers of NB ONE RADIO and Humanitarian TV (HTv) for giving us the opportunity to tell our own side of the story about the hashtag#children dangers (Drogues, sexual abuses, violence, crime, rape, etc) street children face every day on the street.

Cameroon has over the past years been witnessed the rising of different conflicts that have devastated and internally displaced millions of persons. Most hit are the North West, South West and Far North Regions of the country and due to the porous nature of borders separating Cameroon from Central Africa Republic, Chad and Nigeria, persons, especially youths and women caught up between these conflicts often flee for safety and livelihood in big cities of Cameroon mainly Yaoundé and Douala and, not having shelters, they end up on the street. They come to the street with diverse backgrounds and problems, some of these problems being psychological, physical and sometimes with chronic diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs, sexually transmissible infections, etc.

We are happy to inform our readers and televiewers that USA IRS has designated GivHOPE as a tax-exempt Private Non-Profit Organization under IRS Code Section 501 (c). Please watch the HTv live interaction below: