Post Covid-19 Solidarity: Helping Thousands of Poor and Vulnerable Families

Despite these very tough times, GivHOPE Africa spent 8.299.000 XAF and 1,646.18 US to help the elderly and homeless in Cameroon, Côte-D’Ivoire and the USA

Rice, soaps, salt, tomatoes, pastes, sardines, bottle water, soft drink, peanut butter, cooking oil, ketchup, hydro alcoholic gels, clothes, etc. constituted the packages offered to more than 1500 vulnerable households in Yaoundé, Tonga, Bafut, Bamenda and Ndop in the Center, West and Northwest Regions in Cameroon and Cote-D’Ivoire. Our North America Director, Mr. Konguep A. Thierry, led a delegation to Masjid Ash-Shura Center, the Atlanta Mission: Ending Homelessness in Atlanta and donated foodstuffs worth 1,646.18 US$. In DC, the Washington Focal Point visited the DC/Dream Center (DC/DC) at the NE Washington, DC’s neighborhood and Aid to homeless in downtown DC where snack items and cash donations were made.

“The time was right because there are families who live day-to-day and with the post-covid-19 normalcy, it’s still hard for some people to make ends meet. This act goes to our hearts”, said Madam Genevieve, one of the beneficiaries. “We say thank you because it’s hard. This helps forget about misery for a while”, added Alexis, another beneficiary.

Thank you for your contribution and for helping us to be a place that serves the community in these challenging times!, said Mr. Ernest Cover, the DC/DC Executive Director.”

“We have reduced the scope of our traditional work to a maximum to show our human face and concentrate our efforts on the elderly and homeless in solidarity to other sister organizations” said Ms. Pieume.

Post-Covid-19 Stimulus: Capacity Building and Small Grants amount to 6.000.000 Cameroonian francs to 240 Small Businesses

After evaluating the impact of Phase I of the emergency plan implemented by GivHOPE Africa in April 2020, the team began to work with traditional rulers for the selection of people to benefit the small grants in a bid to go back to business or to start a new one. The selection criteria established and consultation meetings held, the lists with the requested amount and type of activity were drawn. These minimum criteria eliminated many and out of the 1,500 families in Phase I, only 240 of them entered Phase II. “This money will be used to relaunch my wood and charcoal business that ceased following the confinement and if my activities restart as I think, I will add other things and count on GivHOPE Africa” said Mama Biloa, visibly satisfied with this gesture.

The first assistance took place in July 2020 and has since run four times in September, November, December 2020 and June 2021. After assessing its progress and impact in beneficiaries’ lives, we will be carrying out phase III, our ambitious and ultimate goal being to expand our mission internationally. GivHOPE Africa opened its office in Abidjan, Côte-D’Ivoire and Atlanta, Georgia in March 2021.

GivHOPE is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 82-5187523. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. GivHOPE is also audited regularly to account for the proper usage of its funds and prepares annual activity plans and implementation reports. In 2020, our annual activities consisted of (1) carrying out close to 63 field trips to identify and talk to target groups; (2) 1500 Covid-19 food bank coverage; (3) 11 youths registered in schools and university; and (4) 240 post-covid stimulus business assistance.

Should you want to donate visit our website at via PayPal or the Benevity website at or zelle transfer at Bank of America GivHOPE Africa.