GivHOPE Africa Entering the USA to Stretch Hands for the Fight against Covid-19

On February 9, 2021 a 3-man delegation visited the Atlanta Mission: Ending Homelessness in Atlanta and donated a variety of foodstuffs to feed the homeless.

Atlanta Mission: Ending Homelessness received a 3-man delegation on Wednesday, led by GivHOPE Africa North America Director, Mr. Thierry A. Konguep to show solidarity at times of covid-19 to homeless girls, women and children who are in dire need of food. The delegation was warmly welcome by Ms. Katrina Dantism, the Director of Partnerships and Volunteer Services. GivHOPE did not come empty handed but with foodstuffs made of 84 cases of 24 packs of spring water, 24 bags of 5lb Jasmine rice, 27 bottles of vegetable oil, 26 jars of peanut butter, 72 varieties of canned vegetables, 12 jars of ketchup, 24 cans of tomatoes and 15 jars of mayonnaise.

Perishable snack items donation

Similar ceremony took place in DC/Dream Center located at NE Washington, DC on March 3, 2021.

This gesture marked the official entering of GivHOPE Africa into the USA soil. The Director said that these donations come from GivHOPE Africa, in solidarity of the fight against the negative impact of covid-19 amidst the vulnerable communities. He added that it was a beginning of a sound partnership that will be sustained. Ms. Dantism, in response, heartfelt thanked the donor and wished this opportunity be renewed often. These handover ceremonies were very brief but solemn and full of symbols.

Atlanta Mission is established in 1938 as a soup kitchen to feed men displaced by the Great Depression. Since then Atlanta Mission has become the city’s largest and longest-running provider of services to homeless men, women and children in Atlanta.

As a matter of fact, DC/Dream Center has been partnering with GivHOPE Africa since 2017 within the framework of DC/DC Mentoring and Tutoring programs.

GivHOPE Africa is a non-profit organization 501c (3) that deals with the socioeconomic protection of vulnerable families and their communities such as street children, school dropouts, IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), elderly people and the Covid-19 socioeconomically affected people through multiform assistance programs. Its mission is to promote and ensure the coordination of concerted social protection initiatives/mechanisms to the benefit of vulnerable people in Cameroon and Africa.

Cases of spring water

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