So Many Good Things Come in Threes like Musketeers but Triplets Are the Best of All

 Any newborn is a joy in a family and when the birth is double or triple, joy becomes contagious: It is extra laughter, triple grins, with joys and mischiefs multiplied and defenders by each side.

But this was not Kimura’s case when she was told in the labor room that she had girl triplets for many reasons: She was expecting a baby boy; she is orphan from both parents and single. Due to her social status she saw the world falling on her shoulders!

A phone call from the hospital where she delivered to GivHOPE Africa asking for help gave her a glimmer of hope because these triplets were to spend some weeks in the incubators. We stepped in and took care of the babies and her.

Today is the triplets’ first birthday and GivHOPE can’t help praising God for His provision, care and love towards these little toddles. They are now a whole part and the source of endless happiness in our life.

Ezechiel, Grace and Ange share a birthday, but moods and tempers are not the same even though God made them novel and precise; so much alike forever linked and yet quite distinct. He made them TRICE! They have made us laugh, cry, enjoy and be afraid, all at the same time!

For your special day, Girls, GivHOPE Africa staff and well-wishers with special thanks to Regard Social Program at Equinox Tv,  Mireille, Mirella, Valerie and Marlyse’ family, and I join our hearts together to wish you threes, unlimited happiness, hugs, and cuddles on your special day! May God shower His blessings on you and make you successful girls and bring lots of happiness and joy in your lives!

Kimura is from a small village in Badounga, Tonga Subdivision in the West region of Cameroon.  She is a single nursing mother and has no living family members. She is confronted with the reality of life, hardship and sufferings due to the lack of financial resources.

May you bring joy to your own life by giving!