Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurship: Cedric Showing the Way

Cameroon biggest age group ranging between 15 and 35 are, for most of them, looking for a job or to be self-employed within a socio-political context where youth’s unemployment rate, according to ILO estimates in 2019 stands at 5.73 percent. The country’s effort to steer up the economics growth even before the covid-19 pandemic that has worsened the situation, notwithstanding the multiple political crises and social insecurities make it more and more difficult for the government to keep up delivering on its promises. Cameroon’s youth and women are the most hit in this socioeconomic situation; henceforth need multiform support both in skills development and financial resources from all good-wills to curb these trends.

This is the reason why one important component of GivHOPE Africa deliveries is to empower this young and growing population through entrepreneurship in order to significantly reduce their vulnerability and total dependency on others.

Cedric is one of the many youths GivHOPE has championed since its creation in 2015. He received a grant on February 14, 2018 to purchase a lady second hand machine and a water pump. The savings he made out of these first equipments and another grant from GivHOPE Africa helped him to buy another machine. Two months ago, he received a loan without interest from GivHOPE Africa worth 1,775.000 Cameroonian francs (US$ 3,550.00) to buy a heavy duties compactor, bringing his construction materials park to four units.

Cedric’s dream is to play the role of a real game changer in his life while helping many other youths to turn their vulnerability around.

 ”I have been in GivHOPE youth program since 2018 when I was granted my first financial assistance to start a small business. At the time I was working for someone else. With the money I received I bought my first water pump and a lady second hand. Later on I was given additional funds to increase my business and two months ago, I purchased a compactor with a loan without interest  from GivHOPE. My wish is to increase my construction materials park and hire more youths that I will train to keep them out of idleness that might lead them to banditry, drugs, prostitution and crimes”, said Cedric.

Teaching every vulnerable person how to fish instead of giving them fish is our ultimate goal! Just a click to give.

Cedric is one example among more than 2500 vulnerable youths and women who have so far received grants and loans without interest from GivHOPE Africa to start a new business or revamp their existing ones. At the peak of the corona virus pandemic, when many small businesses went bankrupt, GivHOPE organized a food bank tour and designed a post-covid-19 relief package strategy for about 1,500 households selected with the assistance of the traditional rulers of their neighborhoods who received grants worth 1,437,300 Cameroonian francs (2,874.60 US$). This was not big-dollar investments but small scale income generating activities such as multimedia materials repair or sale, grocery, fruit, fast food, street restaurant and farming; but the sense of entrepreneurship, empowerment, ownership and innovation displayed by the owners of these businesses had an overwhelmed impact on their morale that inspired 60 other small businessmen and women to join.   

Many lives have been transformed through capacity building, income generating activities, small business financial assistance, formal education, vocational training and health programs. GivHOPE still needs to boost both these formal quality education and vocational training productivity to generate sufficient varieties of quality socioeconomic programs and projects for the youths in order to keep them out of joblessness, idleness and financial insecurities.

It should be recalled that GivHOPE Africa partners,  good wills, associations, international institutions, governments and the private sector that are passionate for the cause we care for have born considerable outcomes in these target groups’ lives.

GivHOPE Africa is also US not-for-profit organization under EIN 82-5187523 and IRS Code 501 © (3) that make your donations to GivHOPE Africa tax-deductible. For more poverty reduction among Cameroon’s vulnerable groups, Give now.

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