Income Generating Activities for Covid-19 Affected People

“No One Should Go Hungry during Covid-19 Lifespan” . This slogan applies to Beatrice, a physically challenged young lady and GivHOPE grant recipient since August 2019 who has just received grant to go back to business.

As a prelude to Phase II of Project “No One Should Go Hungry during Covid-19 Lifespan” which Phase I concerning sensitization and food bank has just been completed by GivHOPE Africa, Beatrice, a physically challenged young lady and GivHOPE grant recipient since August 2019, has benefited from a new grant worth 217.200 Cameroonian Francs aimed at purchasing goods such as soaps, red beans, coki beans, rice, red oil, table oil, dried groundnuts, dried corn for pudding, dried fish and accessories for sale. As a small businesswoman, she was seriously affected by the Covid-19 lockdown in Yaoundé and her business went sour.

GivHOPE visited Beatrice back in July 2019 and at the time she had a small counter with some few articles for sale. In August, she received a 50.000 XAF (Cameroonian Franc) small grant to expand this small business. But when coronavirus pandemic broke out in March 2020 with its terrible economic consequences, she lost everything and went back to square one. Beatrice is high risk person and a single mother of two with eyes problem due to sickness that finally rendered her completely blind. When we met her, she was under her big sister’s care; but today, despite hardship due to covid-19 lockdown, GivHOPE strived to rent her a new studio. She is now completely independent both at the financial and social levels and can provide her two kids’ needs.

We are about to launch the Phase II of the project “No One Should Go Hungry during Covid-19 Lifespan” concerning sensitization and food bank to the vulnerable people and badly need your help. We appreciate your generosity and thank our supporters who helped us bring a smile on Beatrice’s face.  We also hope that all our stakeholders will continue giving so that vulnerable persons like Beatrice continue to improve their living conditions through the efforts and support of philanthropic organizations and individuals during these tough times when we must show our solidarity to those in need.

Let’s breathe life into the future of underprivileged persons with a simple action for together we can make a huge difference in their lives, especially in these difficult times!

Should you want to pledge, please go to GivHOPE Africa website at and hit “Donate now” button or use credit card or PayPal to make a donation at the Benevity website at

Take care of yourselves and one another and remember to frequently wash your hands or use hand sanitizers!