COVID-19 Sensitization and Food Bank Caravan Kick Off

GivHOPE launched its COVID-19 sensitization campaign and Food Bank Caravan to the benefit of vulnerable persons at Nkolnyanga, Tsinga – Yaounde 2 neighborhood today. This is our COVID-19 MODEST URGENT RESPONSE RELIEF TO THE 150 UNDERPRIVILEGED POPULATION who lives here and that cannot afford a meal per day since this pandemic broke out. Following the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a global pandemic, reaching more than 118 countries and affecting hundreds of thousands of people, we had to respond and come together through food bank to assist more than 17,000 affected  persons in the two cities, Yaounde and Douala, that are the most hit at the moment.

Alike the world, Cameroon is also facing the Coronavirus pandemic and thousands wonder every day where their next meal might come from. This pandemic is just at the beginning and our vulnerable populations already face big difficulties to get easy access to at least one meal a day.  This pushes us to ambitiously design some strategic preparedness plans that could be implemented very quickly. 

With schools and grocery stores closed, job disruptions, and health risks, many Cameroonians find themselves abandoned and  need much-needed support in food. Today was the solemn launch of this Caravan that will take us to 15 neighborhoods in Yaounde and more than 20 in Douala for 17897 very poor families.

After sensitizing the crowd on the pandemic, we provided healthy local food composed of rice, sardines, tomatoes and soaps for hand wash to 150 vulnerable persons touched or affected by Coronavirus. GivHOPE  thinks of relief and development response along a continuum, during this period of lockdowns, moving from initial relief efforts to community involvement and community led development and follow up. That’s why faith groups, traditional rulers, municipalities and civil society organizations are involved and were consulted for the selection of the beneficiaries.

We need some emergency grants to support these local response efforts that will help sustain our initiative and safely continue the distribution of food, non-food and household items such as cleaning supplies, sanitizers, diapers and personal care products to these populations.  

As you prepare yourself, your families, your coworkers and others to this unprecedented emergency, take a moment and think about those who can’t and do the same for them.