Beatrice’s Dream Comes True

Beatrice, a physically challenged young lady saw her dream come true two days ago when we offered to fill her counter with food stuffs she has chosen upfront. We went to the market together with her and purchased goods that she wanted to sell. We bought, inter-alia, bags of fufu, red beans, coki beans and dried groundnuts as her income generating activities.

GivHOPE visited Beatrice early this month and promised to give her more means to be self-employed.  She had a counter at a Yaoundé urban market but with just one kind of foodstuff. Beatrice’s story, narrated by her big sister, Micheline, was a pathetic one that couldn’t leave us indifferent even thought she was older than GivHOPE age range for financial aid which is 11-35.  Beatrice is a single mother of two children who lives with her big sister who is also a single mom of 5.  She lost her sight due to sickness because she couldn’t afford to pay her surgery fees. Finally she became completely blind and abandoned to herself when her sister rescued her. Good fighter, Beatrice got our phone number from NB ONE Radio when we were on the air in a program entitled “Droits et Libertes”.  She called us up as soon as the program ended and we promised to visit her. Her story was so heartbroken that we could not help consoling her by giving her the means to become food vendor.  She now has a well furnished counter where she can sell all kinds of foodstuff to support herself and her two kids. Beatrice has become an income generator, making her dream come true.

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